Monday, July 14, 2008

Miss Universe "Live" Blog - Swimsuit Competition

Venezuela – I didn’t like her scarf around her neck.

Kosovo – She lacks personality – disappointing. :(

– Simply adorable!

Vietnam – Very “prancy.”

South Africa – What’s with the head bobbing?

Australia – Very pretty, but little “umph.”

Japan - Sorry, just not a fan.

Dominican Republic – I like her - maybe because someone said I resemble her. :)

Italy – Very nice. Although, my roommate, who is strongly of Italian heritage, was hoping she’s be a short legged, realistic women, “Damn, she’s a Milan supermodel,” she said.

Columbia – Almost too much personality.

Russia – My roommate thinks I look a bit like her. I’ll take it because she was great – very Victoria’s Secret model.

Hungary – Seductive!!!

Czech Republic – Distractingly out-dated hair.

USA – I’m not a huge Crystal fan, but I’m very impressed!

Spain – Overly seductive, was she licking the air?

My top Swimsuit choices – Venezuela, Mexico, Australia, Dominican Republic, Italy, Russia and USA

My roommate, a non-pageant person, noted the lack of blondes; she also thinks they all look the same.

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