Friday, July 18, 2008

Best of Luck to the Miss West Central Ohio Program!

Shannon O'Niell recently became the first Miss West Central Ohio to be a Miss Ohio Semifinalist since this locals reestablishment in 2004. She is a vocalist who attends Fordham University Lincoln Center Campus in New York. Tomorrow night at the Veterans' Memorical Civic Center former Miss America Kellye Cash will host, and Shannon will crown a successor.

Miss West Central Ohio will air live on WLIO-TV Lima at 9 p.m.

The following ladies will compete for the title:

#1. Jennifer Lamoreau, tap dance "Great Balls of Fire"

#2 Amanda Sampson, vocal "I'll Never Fall in Lover Again"

[Amanda competed at Miss West Central Ohio two years ago.]

#3 Lauren Hogan, vocal "Someone Like you"

[Lauren competed at Miss Ohio as Miss All*American City 2006.]

#4 Rachel Baucher, jazz dance "I'm From the Country"

#5 Alyssa Linet, jazz dance "History Repeating"

#6 Megan Wolery, vocal "I'm In Love with a Wonderful Guy"

#7 StarKeisha Coleman, Broadway vocal "Defying Gravity"

[StarKeisha is a former Miss Teen Plus America.]

#8 Shelby Gates-Richard,vocal "Lean on Me"
[Shelby competed at Miss Lake Festival two years ago.]

#9 Victoria Miller, tap dance "Dancing Fool"

[Victoria was First Runner-up at this pageant last year and recently recieved the Highest Scored Dancer award at Miss Ohio as Miss Buckeye State.]

#10 Blake Danielle Buchman, flute "La Flute de Pan"

I do not know Blake, but I like her a lot because she was a new contestant who actaully had her picture on her CMN page!

#11 Kristy Moneysmith, vocal "Break It To Me Gently"

[Kristy was Third Runner-up at this pageant last year and recently competed at Miss Ohio as Miss Chillicothe.]

#12 Kristi Russell, classical vocal "Una Donna a Quindici Anni"

#13 Nicole Callibarri, pointe dance "In the Arms of the Angel"

A side note… It is often difficult to balance keeping this blog informative and positive, especially when it comes to issues here in Ohio. Recently I felt there was enough message board buzz about the first two locals of the season that I should acknowledge it here and issue a reminder not to base your opinions of these locals solely on the message boards. I wrote, “…there have been negative message board rumblings, seemingly between the first two locals of the season...” The key word there was “seemingly” because, in this case, I believe that the negativity is being instigated by individuals who are not official members of the locals being discussed.

I further wrote, “Like a page from a history book, two entities with a body of water in between just can't be friends! :)” I hope most of you read it as the witty comment that it was intended to be, but just to clarify, Miss Lake Festival and Miss West Central Ohio have never been or not been “friends.” It is very important to both of these locals that everyone know they are two completely separate pageants that have absolutely nothing to do with one another. I was acknowledging the rumored conflicts in a funny way, as they used to be held in cities on opposite banks of Grand Lake St. Mary’s but now Miss West Central Ohio has moved to Lima.

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  1. Miss West Central Ohio - Victoria Miller, 1RU - Kristy Moneysmith.
    SS - V. Miller
    Talent - StarKeisha


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