Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Pageant Poll: Reactions to Miss Washington Pictures

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  1. None of those options fit my opinion, sorry. I think these pictures were very classless and in very poor taste. I couldn't believe that she did this with her crown on, either! I did kinda like her spunkiness and uniqueness but unfortunately, while I understand some of the behavior, I now have a little less positive opinion of her.

  2. I had a difficult time coming up with these because it is such a complex issue.

    In this case, I somewhat modeled the options after opinions I've read on the message boards.

    I always give a "for," an "against" and a few middle ground options. I realize my verbiage can't possible fit all my readers’ opinions exactly, but it sounds like one of the two "middle ground" options I wrote are fairly close to what you wrote in your comment.

    On another note, I am pretty amazed that so many people have voted for the first option, “People need to chill out – I still love her.” At this time, it’s leading with 37%.



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