Monday, July 14, 2008

Miss Universe "Live" Blog - Evening Gown

Kosovo – I love her! Very Hollywood glam meets haute couture!

Australia – Also a beautiful gown, I like her.

Spain – Sill not a fan; brunettes should wear silver, not gold and she comes across as a total b*tch.

Mexico – Aw, I’m so disappointed, in prelims she wore a beautiful yellow gown, this white one with the illusion top is so five-years ago.

Columbia – Photos of this Grecian, printed gown were torn apart online, but I’m actually a fan; it’s different and she’s so likable.

USAARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!?! She fell, just like Rachel Smith last year. She was obviously rushed because it seemed like there should have been a musical break or something. I am also disappointed that she’s wearing the same gown she wore for prelims – I expected her to switch to something unbelievable.

I wish I were really watching live so I could read what the message board regulars said, I'll bet the board crashed due to over posting!

Dominican Republic – OH MY! I had, or course, seen photos of this see-through, mirrored gown, but had forgotten who it was. I don’t love or hate it… it’s just so over-the-top, I don’t know what to think! That being said, I think she wore it well.

Russia – It's kind of unoriginal; I remember the first year I ever watched Miss Universe the winner was a Russian woman wrapped in what seemed to be a plain white sheet. This gown is more fitted and detailed and she is stunning!

Italy – Hate the scarf and necklace; like we say at so many MAO locals, it was very homecoming or prom - incredibly disappointing for an international pageant.

Venezuela – Stunning! Do you think that radiant smile has anything to do with USAs fall?

My favorites in gown: Kosovo, Australia, Columbia and Russia, Venezuela.

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