Saturday, July 12, 2008

Miss Lake Festival's Celebrity Waitressing a Success...

In the opinion of my parent's stomachs anyway...

The Celina Daily Standard does a good job covering the pageant, but their website isn't very comprehensive, so I didn't read any monetary details, or even when it took place. I spoke to my mom tonight, who referred to attending the event at Bella's Italian Grill within the past week.

Bella's is a lovely restaurant overlooking Grand Lake St. Mary's, a perfect venue for the Miss Lake Festival contestants to serve as Celebrity Waitresses to raise funds for the June 21st pageant.

You can meet the eleven Mercer County women vying for the title by going to the Lake Festival website, then click on "schedule," then "Monday," then in the paragraph above Erica's picture click on "contestants." Or "Flyer Page 2" under Flyers and Forms.

Two side notes...

My mom said she felt like a celebrity - While going table-to-table greeting the costumers, outgoing Miss Lake Festival, Heather Waterman recognized her, saying "You're Abby's mom, right?" Apparently my mom sold Heather an extra Miss Ohio ticket outside the Renaissance theatre a couple years ago. My mom was just happy to get rid of an extra ticket and had no idea who the young lady was, let alone the fact that she had gone on to be her county's representative; she was very impressed that Heather remembered her.

On a more serious note, there have been negative message board rumblings, seemingly between the first two locals of the season... Like a page from a history book, two entities with a body of water in between just can't be friends! :) I asked my mom about a newspaper article regarding Lake Festival's scholarship committee, but she did not recall seeing it.

I will simply say this - I have held the title Miss Lake Festival and worked with folks from the West Central Ohio program on other talent contests and pageants; both groups of individuals are passionate about what they do. They each have their strengths and weaknesses and very different personalities; like any organization, there has been unfavorable buzz about both of them in the past few weeks or years. I never personally experienced or witnessed any of the alleged wrongdoing in either case.

The amount of scholarships each of these programs gives is wonderful; if you are not familiar with these programs, please base your opinions of them on the money they give and impressive attendance they garner - not message board posts.

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