Friday, July 4, 2008

Weekend Three of June - State Crowns Atop Brunette (ish) Heads

Miss Indiana Kate Stam

Talent: Classical Vocal "Art is Calling for Me"
Platform: Embracing the Basic
She did not win a prelim award.

She won on her first try, having been Indiana's Jr. Miss and America's Southern Teen 2002.

Miss Louisiana Blair Abene

Age: 21
Talent: Opera "Nessun Dorma"
Platform: TART: Tourette's Awareness Reaching Teens
Awards: Talent and MAO Academic

She won on her Fifth try, having been a Semifinalist and First and Second RU.

Miss Maine Adrienne Watkinson

Talent: Viola
Platform: The Healing Power of Music
Awards: Talent

She won on her Second attempt at state; she was Second RU last year.

** Miss Maine attends the Cleveland Institute of Music

Miss North Carolina Amanda Lauren Watson

Age: 21
Talent: Gospel Vocal "We Shall Behold Him"
Platform: Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Awareness
Awards: Swimsuit and Community Service

She won on her First try.

Miss Ohio Karissa Martin

Age: 20
Talent: Vocal "Girl in 14 G"
Platform: Skin Cancer Awareness for a Second Generation
Awards: Talent and Swimsuit

She won on her Second attempt, having been last years Second RU.

Miss Tennessee Ellen Carrington

Age: 21
Talent: Classical Vocal "Vole Mon Ange"
Platform: Promotion of Volunteerism
Awards: Talent and Swimsuit

She won on her Third attempt, having been Fourth RU last year.

Miss West Virginia Kayla Lynam

Age: 21
Talent: Piano
Platform: FITT Habits
Awards: Talent

She won on her First try, having been West Virginia's Jr. Miss in 2005.


  1. Thanks for the great info as usual Abby! Just one thing, Karissa's song is the "Girl in 14G" rather than 13G

  2. Wow, look at TN! She is striking!


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