Wednesday, July 2, 2008

State Winners from the Second Weekend of June!

Miss Delaware Galen Giaccone
Talent: Classical Piano
Platform: Mental Health: Getting the Word Out
Awards: Talent

She won on her second attempt, placing Fourth RU last year; she is a former Delaware Junior Miss.

Miss Idaho Elise Davis
Platform: Helping People with Disabilities

Miss Iowa Olivia Myers
Age: 22
Talent: Tap Dance
Platform: It's Your Life - Character Counts
Awards: Talent, Swimsuit and Community Service

She won on her first attempt at the state title.

Miss Minnesota Angie McDermott
Age: 23
Talent: Vocal "Bridge Over Troubled Troubled Waters

Higher Education: Journey to Your Dreams
Awards: Talent

She won on her second attempt; having been Third RU in 2006.

Miss Montana Jennifer Hepner
Raqs Sharqi Dance
Beyond the Bell: After School Programs
Awards: Interview and Swimsuit

She won on her third attempt, having twice been Second RU.

Miss North Dakota Tessie Jones
Age: 21
Talent: Classical Piano, "Doctor Graddus ad Parnassum"
Platform: Life Awareness: Improving Mental Health & Preventing Suicide

She won on her fourth attempt, having been Second and Third RU.

New Jersey Ashley Fairfield
Age: 21
Talent: Jazz Dance "Man of LaMancha"

Platform: Habitat for Humanity
Awards: Evening Gown and Swimsuit

She won on her third attempt.

Miss Wyoming
Courtney Gifford
Age: 19

She won on her first attempt, but was Fourth RU at Miss Wyoming USA and Miss Wyoming's Outstanding teen in 2005.

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