Friday, July 11, 2008

Ohio's Outstanding Teen Wins the Lottery!

Okay, well, Miss Ohio's Outstanding Teen, Sarah Hider, didn't "win" money in the lottery; rather, it looks like she did very well in the contestant lottery, by which competition order is selected...

Miss America's Outstanding Teen Pageant will take place in Orlando, Florida in just over a month - August 12th the the 16th.

Sarah is contestant #14 (of 18) in the third flight (the blue group), making her the 48th contestant the judges will meet in the interview. Most will agree, being near the end of the flight is a more desirable position!

Her interview will take place on a Monday afternoon, and hopefully she will stay fresh in the judges minds for Tuesday evening's Sportswear competition, Talent on Wednesday and finally Gown and Onstage Question on Thursday night.

There are actually more dancers than singers in this pageant, so hopefully her vocal performance will stand out, especially considering she has intelligently placed herself after two tumblers. To view the entire Teen lineup, go to the Teen website and click on "watch it live" under a pink star on the homepage.

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