Friday, March 6, 2009

Best of Luck to the Miss Muskingum Valley program

Tonight Miss Muskingum Valley will begin at 7:30 p.m. at the Seacrest Auditorium in Zanesville and tomorrow night at the same time and place a winner will be crowned! The 21 contestants have been divided into two flights; everyone will compete in all phases of competition tonight, but by doing half of each phase before intermission, then half later, it'll make the night go faster. It may seem confusing or ineffective, but trust me, 21 talents or onstage questions in a row would get really long and boring! Then, tomorrow night the Top 10 contestants will compete in a normal pageant format.

The following women will compete; best of luck to everyone!
Photos by Leonard Hill Photography.

Right: Alicia Huyghe
Alicia studies Biology and Dance Education at Cleveland State University. She is a tap dancer who advocates "Going Green" as her pageant platform. Click here for her blog. Last season she was Fourth Runner-up at Miss Mansfield; this season she has competed at several locals.

Above left: Alison Salyers
Above right: Amanda Summers

Above left: Brandi Herceg
Brandi competed last summer at Miss Ohio as Miss Ohio Valley; she is a dancer who's platform is "Healthy Hearts are Happy Hearts." She studies Computer Science at Franciscan University. Previously this year she competed at Miss North Coast and Miss MV/AAC/FT.

Above right: Bree Grosshandler
Bree is a senior at Zanesville High School.

Above left: Christina Hagan

Above right: Courtney Drenan
I believe Courtney is a Mansfield native.

Above left: Danielle Henry
Daneille is a Nursing student at Kent State University. Previously this season she competed at Miss Clayland and Miss Portsmouth/Scioto Valley.

Above right: Hannah Spiker

Above left: Heather Wells
Heather competed at Miss Ohio last year with the title Miss Maple City. She is a dancer pursuing Broadcast Journalism at Kent State University. Her platform is "Groomed 4 success" which promotes 4-H awareness. Click here for her blog. Previously this season she was First Runner-up at Miss MV/AAC/FT and Swimsuit winner at Lake Erie; she is the reigning Trumble County Fair Queen and former First Runner-up to Miss Ohio Teen USA.

Above right: Jessica Price
Jessica is a senior at Zanesville High School.

Above left: Jodi Van Dyke
Above right: Jordin Johnson

Above left: Kadi Lepi
Kadi is a senior at Rosecrans High School who plans to attend Capitol University. She competed last summer at Ohio's Outstanding Teen pageant; she danced and her platform was Organ Donor Awareness.

Above right: Kaley Mitchell

Above left: Krystle Formosa
Krystle won the Americanism essay award at Miss Ohio last year as Miss South Central Ohio. She's a vocalist who often sings "Think of Me" from Phantom of the Opera. Krystle studies Fashion Merchandising at Kent State University; her platform is "serving children for a better tomorrow." This season she's been First Runner-up and Talent winner at Ohio Valley and competed at North Coast and Maple City.

Above right: Kyra Horvath

Above left: Laura Sojka
Laura is a graduate of Ohio State University. She is a vocalist who promotes pet adoption and recently competed at Miss Maple City.

Above right: Megan Wombacker
Megan is a dancer and Business/Marketing graduate student at Kent State University. She competed at Miss Ohio last year as Miss Scioto Valley; she won the Miss America Community Service award for her blindness prevention platform, "Giving Voice to Vision." Click here for her blog. Previously this season she competed at Miss Greater Cleveland.

Above left: Renae Wright
Renae is a vocalist who won the title Miss Southeastern Ohio's Teen to gain entry into the Miss Ohio Teen International pageant.

Above right: Stephanie Rogers
Stephanie is a graduate of Ohio University where she majored in Economics and International Studies. She is a 22 year old vocalist; her platform is child abuse prevention. She recently competed at Miss Maple City.

Obviously this program includes several local contestants that are new to the MOA system; if you have additional information or corrections, leave comments or email me.

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