Saturday, March 7, 2009

Miss Muskingum Valley Prelim Photos

The following photos came from the Zanesville Times-Recorder gallery by Trevor Jones; Click here for more.

The Prelim Winners

Talent winner Alicia Huyghe; her flight's swimsuit presentation was not featured.

Talent and Evening Gown winner
Stephanie Rodgers

Evening Gown winner Kaley Mitchell; her flight's swimsuit presentation was not featured.

Swimsuit winner Heather Wells; a talent photo was not available.

Swimsuit winner Alison Salyers' flight was not featured in swimsuit in the photo gallery; below is her talent and gown.

Photos that caught my eye...

Above: After Miss Portsmouth/Scioto Valley I recall reading that Megan Wombacker, the outgoing Miss, suprised everyone by singing, in addition to her usual competition talent of dancing. It looks like she opted to compete as a vocalist last night!

I don't know what Jordin Johnson's talent is [above right] but it looks darn cute! Hannah Spiker's bare feet [above left] probably made some of you gasp, but I like her cool acoustic blue guitar and the fact that she's obviously staying true to herself.

Of the newer contestants who I've never seen compete, the two ladies below stood out to me in all three phases, based solely on these pictures, but I don't know how they did live and in interview!

Danielle Henry

Bree Grosshandler

Not surprisingly, a pageant with so many new, young, local contestants had a lot of prom dresses instead of pageant gowns. I was impressed with the evening gown presentations of the two ladies above as well as Renae Wright [below left] and Kadi Lepi [below right]. Some may think Renae's is a bit prom, but I like it because it's unique and knowing that she's a younger Miss contestant, I think it's appropriate.


Above, Miss Ohio emcee and board member Mark Schnitkey announces the winners
Above: Heather Wells wins a Swimsuit award;
below, Alicia Huyghe is honored for her talent.

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  1. Hey Abby! Jordin's talent was a dance to "My Strongest Suit" from Aida! She is very cute both in dance and in real life (haha).


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