Monday, March 30, 2009

Home at last...

After like 7 hours of driving today, I'm tired! Good thing I'm at my parents house, where my laptop has no Internet access, so I can't stay up half the night uploading my pictures!

To be honest, I'll probably be stealing competition pictures from the local journalist who was there. Although Jacky was a sweetheart and got me a closer seat at intermission, the facility didn't have stage lights, so I'm not too proud of my shots.

Also, I appologize for the delayed results. The pageant was over around 9:30; I thought I'd posted the results, then chatted and took post-pageant pictures. Only after we got to the truck did I realize that my post hadn't gone through. Then it took another 20 minutes to get a good signal as we drove.

Much to my shock, a local diner has free wi-fi, so perhaps we'll go there for breakfast and I'll post more.

In the mean time, I will confirm that both absent contestants, Hollie and Kristen, were listed in the program. I didn't hear what happened to either of them.

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