Friday, March 6, 2009

Miss Muskingum Valley Contestant Order

Retro Gals flight

They are competing in this order: Swimsuit, Evening Gown, On-stage Question and Talent

1. Jessica Price
2. Megan Wombacker
3. Courtney Drenan
4. Christina Hagan
5. Alicia Huyghe
6. Jodi Van Dyke
7. Kyra Horvath
8. Laura Sojka
9. Alison Salyers
10. Hannah Spiker
11. Kaley Mitchell

Vintage Dames Flight

They are competing in this order: Talent, Swimsuit, Evening Gown and On-stage Quesiton

12. Heather Wells
13. Renae Wright
14. Amanda Summers
15. Stephanie Rodgers
16. Jordin Johnson
17. Krystle Formosa
18. Danielle Henry
19. Kadi Lepi
20. Brandi Herceg
21. Bree Grosshandler

Tonight the following awards will be given:

Talent Award - $300
Swimsuit Award - $100
Evening Gown Award - $100

Huge thanks to my informant; good luck to your daughter!

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