Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pageant Poll: Engagement

Well, I very clearly expressed my opinion on this topic in the post below, but what is yours?

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When I was a contestant some of my fellow Miss' were well on their way to being Mrs.; I recall some toiled over whether or not to wear their engagement rings during the interview and on stage competitions.

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People seem to have strong opinions on issues like this and I'm sure my poll options don't satisfy all of them, so leave comments!


  1. I honestly don't think there is anything wrong with a contestant being engaged. It is not against the rules and it is her life. However, I feel like it could cause problems with the relationship itslef. If a contestant was engaged and then went on to win Miss Ohio and then Miss America it could possibly be almost 3 years before the marriage could even take place where as most engagements last no longer than a year. Which is why I would prefer that my significant other wait until I aged out or if lucky enough to go on to win the state title, to wait until after my reign. That way I could focus on our plans rather than trying to multitask planning a wedding and competing/being a titleholder. =)

  2. Rings should not be worn on stage... engagement, costume, or anything. The same way a watch should be taken off, a ring should be taken off. It is just tacky! More power to you if your engaged, but it's just distracting on stage. Therefore, I'd leave any precious jewelry at home so I never have to worry about misplacing it backstage.

    I think it is no problem to be engaged as long as the wedding is AFTER your local, state or national title is given up. Engaged is not married!

  3. Hahaha this makes me laugh.

    First off - no offense to Jillian - an engagement ring is NOT tacky! That made me laugh.

    I just wanted to let you know that not only did I WEAR my engagement ring in my interview this past weekend...I TALKED about being engaged and WON interview!!!!!

    It clearly had no impact on the judges. I have the most committed and dedicated fiance in the world and I want the world to know it.

  4. If they're that distracted by a ring, then you're not doing the right things to engage the judging panel. I actually tend to believe that if a woman is at a point in her life where she can commit to another human being, she's probably going bring that same commitment level to the title/job.

  5. I was engaged my last two years of competing in the Miss Ohio local programs and debated over this myself. I took off my ring for the first 2 locals I competed in after I got engaged. I realized after that I was not being true to myself and to my soon to be hubby so I wore my ring in the rest of my competitions. I did have a few judges ask about my engagement and all it did was open another door for me to talk about my life. I may not have won a local to make it to Miss Ohio but I am proud that I was able to be true to myself.

    I will tell you that an engagement while competing shows a true commitment in a relationship. If your fiance knows how much you want to compete and he is there beside you and supporting you it will show you his level of commitment to you during your marriage and the fact that he will support you in whatever you do. If he is not that supportive while you are engaged and competing, take it as a warning for later in life. I have seen both sides and the outcomes.

    Getting off my soapbox now!!!

  6. Megs,

    An engagement ring/ any ring isn't tacky but wearing it onstage with a swimsuit and heels is! Also, I guess as a dancer who has been trained to never ever wear jewelry while dancing for safety reasons...I have different feelings. I keep all my expensive jewelry at home...you never know if it could snag gowns, get misplaced, etc.

    However, I am super anal about little things. Take it with a grain of salt. Not meant to offend ya!

  7. Yea! I love civilized discussion on my blog!

    As I wrote in the previous entry, I don’t think it’s anyone’s business. That being said, I also think it depends on the contestant. I agree it can show a woman’s maturity and commitment, as long as the fiancĂ© is truly supportive and doesn’t pressure the woman to quit competing before she wants to. I’m glad no one has voted that it should be against the rules, but it makes me sad that six people (at this point) would automatically feel an engaged contestant isn’t commitment to the crown. Every pageant woman can be distracted by many different elements of her life – school, work, family, any romantic relationship, friends, other organizations – you CAN NOT automatically assume anyone’s commitment!

    Ohio Queen, I love what you wrote about someone supporting you while you compete. Even women who are just dating should examine how understanding their partner is of their pageant participation, it will tell you a lot about how they’ll treat you in the long run. I was so lucky that my guy, Loren, was a rock during my last few years of competing. Pageantry can be an emotional roller coaster; I can’t imagine dealing with relationship drama too!

    As for wearing the ring, I have a symbolic ring from Loren that I did wear in the interview and onstage my last few years. I agree that you’re not being yourself if you “take off” such an important part of your life. I do, however, understand Jillian’s jewelry rules; when I started competing “ONLY EARRINGS” was drilled into my brain! LOL! Just as we must all work together to get over only wearing taupe shoes in interview, I think fashion forward rings and bracelets have become okay. I think multiple rings would be distracting, but if I were a judge, one ring wouldn’t bug me. In national pageants recently women have worn one large cocktail ring that was trendy and complimented their gown. A jewelry store would define my ring as a “right hand fashion ring;” it’s wide with lots of small diamonds, so always thought it was large enough to compliment a pageant gown and big pageant earrings.

    Similarly, I was told by two different male producer-types in Hollywood that I should not wear my ring on my left ring finger at auditions and in situations when I’m meeting important people in the biz. Their logic was purely sexist; saying that a woman in a committed relationship isn’t as flexible to work with and that her priority would be with her partner, not her career. I found it absurd! Three casting directors (two female, one male) agreed with me. I do change fingers if I’m auditioning for a character that is described as single, but that’s it.

    Back to pageants… I know my polls aren’t scientifically accurate or official or anything, but sometimes they paint a clear pictures; in this case it’s pretty divided about wearing an engagement ring in interview or onstage. I think that proves that each contestant should do whatever she feels is right for her! Might there be a judge who doesn’t think you should wear any rings or that you shouldn’t be engaged? Sure. But that’s why there is a panel of judges and high and low scores are tossed.



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