Sunday, March 1, 2009

Congrats to the First Miss Bay Village, Emily Pheils!

Miss Bay Village: Emily Pheils

First Runner-up: Jackie Jerlecki (below in gold)
Second Runner-up: Hollie Hongosh (below in pink)

Swimsuit: Jackie Jerlecki
Interview: Jackie Jerlecki
Talent: Hollie Hongosh

Miss Bay Village Executive Director: Jay Jesensky
(below left, obviously!)

Huge thanks to Jillian Dansko for posting this slideshow:

I think it's safe to say every contestant jokes about, if not truly believes, in good luck charms, like the attendance of certain fans for example. In Emily's case, it's her mom camera! Lora Pheils is an extremely supportive pageant mom who always has her camera, but last night she forgot it and couldn't capture the winning moment above for herself.

The contestants, left to right in the photo above, which I assume is contestant order:

Hollie Hongosh
Maria Minnick
Jen Ciccone
Krystle Formosa
Alicia Huyghe
Jackie Jerlecki
Ashley Miller
Sherry El Sakr
Emily Pheils

Former Miss Ohio, Marlia Fontaine-Wiesse performed last night and crowned Emily; she looks stunning in the teal gown below!

These photos came from contestant Megan Wombacker's Facebook. Above she's posing with Ashley Hartman, who I am sad to now call former contestant. It is baffling to me how she never won a local title; she's selling her pageant wear and getting married, check my sidebar for a link to her things.

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  1. Ha Ha!!! Yes I left my camera at home. And my "pageant mom" pin. AND I looked like I had been dragged behind a horse! DEFINATLY was not prepared for the big moment. But it was the best ever for both of us. Thanks Abby for posting all the news.


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