Sunday, June 17, 2007

About my photos…

It’s been brought up on the anonymous Miss Ohio message board that I should not have taken photos at the pageant, that an announcement was made and "no photography" was printed on the ticket, and I “could be banned from any future Miss Ohio pageant…”

Here’s my response to that:

Here’s the thing, I had heard there was no photography this year, so we didn’t even take our good camera when we went to the show Tuesday night, but I did notice several others taking pictures on small/regular cameras. Tuesday night we got in our seats just as the show began; Saturday night I was wishing the girls good luck in the dressing room when the National Anthem was performed, then I was in my seat by like 7:57. Saturday night’s show started about 10 minutes late and there was no announcement before the clown did his thing. If the announcement was before the Anthem, I didn’t hear it, and my opinion is that since there are always people like me walking in at the last moment, that kind of announcement should be immediately before the show begins. That’s how it is in all theatre productions. As for my ticket, I never even looked at it. Who does?

I think Paul has done an amazing job as the official photographer; he’s taken the job and run with it, going above and beyond! I very much appreciate that he sent me photos to post on my blog of the first few days of Miss Ohio week. My goal is to disburse information as quickly as possible for the betterment of the program, and obviously Paul feels the same. I understand, however, that he needs to make some money from the photos he takes, that’s why we didn’t shoot the entire pageant last night. Perhaps if we had tried the ushers in the balcony would have reprimanded us, but no one said a word to us in the three minutes we had our camera out. It seems to me that the “no photography” rule is so the official photographer can garner business and be compensated. I do not feel the photos I shared on my blog will prevent that.

Again, I totally respect Paul. I double checked my ticket and it appears I did indeed break a rule; had I realized that I wouldn’t have so proudly given photo credit to my man! As for being banned… well, I should hope Miss Ohio officials have more important things to concern themselves with than burning a bridge with a former, who obviously still cares greatly about the program.


** Some of Paul's Photos from Saturday night will be posted tonight by 8:30. He has over 1,000 pictures from the finale; more will be uploaded tomorrow. **


  1. Abby,
    Don't feel bad. I took pictures this year and last, and I like you had no idea that pictures were not suppose to be taken because I never sit down until right before the show starts. I was sitting in the front row on Tuesday night and was right near Paul. No one said anything to me. And I like you never looked at my ticket and still haven't. O well...we now know for future reference.

  2. Wow, they act like you are the only one in history to do this. Thanks for doing an absolutely wonderful job of keeping ALL of us up to date on Miss Ohio! You should be getting paid for this!

  3. Aw, thanks!

    I just got home from work and read the latest on the message boards... sounds like some folks who just don't like me personally.

    Amy, cameras were allowed last year. Someone suggested as a former I should know the rules. Well, that's not the case because a. it changes every single year and b. I've never been in the damn audience before! LOL!

    Thanks again for your positive comments!


  4. I, for the life of me, cannot figure these message board people out. I say kudos to you for taking the pictures... it's not like the Miss Ohio people EVER update their damned website or post their winner's picture on the internet to promote her. I have loved your coverage of the program and am glad you took Bertie's pics. BTW - The Miss Ohio people aren't dumb enough to ban you ... they can't afford to lose ticket sales.

  5. Leslie, you are freaking awesome and you make me laugh so hard! I love it! Thank you for sticking up for me. :)



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