Thursday, June 14, 2007

Pageant Press: Opera singer talent winner...

A newcomer to the Miss Ohio stage, Gelhaus, 19, of St. Henry, was honored with the talent award..."I just warmed up before I did it tonight and went out there and had fun," she said.

Making her third trip to Miss Ohio, Camp, 23, was chosen for the swimsuit become Miss Ohio, she will now have to overcome the "curse" of being a double preliminary winner. "They say that often the double preliminary winners would not walk away with the title but I'm really here for the job..." Camp said.

CLICK HERE for the entire Mansfield News Journal article by Lou Whitmire.


  1. Abby are you having a hard time watching it? It is really choppy sound and picture and I have high speed. The first two nights were smooth and seemless. Hope you are having better luck than I;)

    Erin J

  2. Hey Erin! Great to hear from you. Mine actually was pretty good... it only froze on me once.

    Are you attending Saturday?



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