Monday, June 18, 2007

Pageant Press: Third time's a charm for new Miss Ohio

As I mentioned below, my parents, boyfriend and I were at Roberta's first appearance. A reporter spoke briefly with my mom; Miss Ohio and Miss Maple City officials were also there, but indeed, my mom ended up in the article.

The Grove City woman made her first official appearance Sunday afternoon at the Richland Mall, where she described hearing her name called as "unbelievable" and "a dream come true... " I get to unpack and unload," Camp said of her few days off between Sunday and Thursday, when she hits the road as part of her duties.... "I'm still a little overwhelmed," Camp told the audience at the mall's center court, explaining that she had only slept about four hours since her crowning.

Vickie Bollenbacher, of Rockford, was near the front of the line. Camp and Bollenbacher's daughter, Abby, were in pageants together until Abby reached the age limit. "We've watched her grow up," Bollenbacher said. "She's an awesome girl."

CLICK HERE for the entire Mansfield News Journal by Lisa Miller.


  1. Hey Abby! This is a bit off-topic (of MO), but I see that your Face of Fox Toledo thing is ending fairly soon. What are your future plans?

  2. I mentioned a while ago that I had new theatrical headshots taken; thusly, I am planning a trip to audition in front of agents and managers!

    As for FOX Toledo, there is an over-lap period for the "old face" to help the "new face" become acclimated, so I'll still be working for the TV station though September or October.



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