Friday, June 29, 2007

More Miss Ohio Photos- My Adventures in Mansfield

Every year while I was at Miss Ohio trapped in a freezing cold, dark, fog-filled theatre for a week, my parents, EDs and boyfriend would be out enjoying central Ohio. They took trips to Amish country, had morning coffee at some biker restaurant called Mr. T.’s, went shopping and there was even some horseback riding that my mom would just as soon forget… So, this year I told them I wanted to experience what I had only ever seen photos of.

Sunday morning after the Miss Ohio finale we met my former chaperone, Ginny, for brunch; I was able to have supper with my former hosts Brenda and Terry before the pageant Saturday night and it was so great to see all three of them! After brunch Loren, Mom and Dad and I headed to the
Kingwood Center.

Kingwood is a glorious estate with gardens, greenhouses and a beautiful mansion. It’s located on a main intersection and while I had driven by it hundreds of times, I had no idea what an expanse of beauty lay beyond the brick and wrought iron fence.

I could not believe that in five years of going to Mansfield I had never been there, and furthermore, why are the contestants not photographed there? It would be perfect! (This is nothing against Paul, considering he is the third photographer in five years. I understand logistics would be difficult, but check out these pictures and you’ll see what I mean.)

Below are a ton of photos from our lovely Father’s Day at Kingwood.

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