Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Miss Ohio Photos- Day Four

Here are photos from yesterday's lunch at Chinatown, rehearsal and Celebrity waitressing at two different Applebee's locations... Again courtacy of Paul, Miss Ohio's wonderful official photographer. Click each image to enlarge it.

Also, checkout the latest Mansfield News Journal article, New approach to Miss Ohio offers more entertainment, by CLICKING HERE.


  1. As a former miss lake fest, you must be thrilled with Ericka's presence at MO this year. She looks great - I think MLF might crack the top 10 this year!

  2. I did notice that she is perhaps the most photogenic this year! I don’t think Miss Lake Festival has ever had a titleholder in the Top 10 and it would definitely be exciting!
    Ericka won the Talent at her local with a very strong operatic selection; if she’s made some wardrobe upgrades and has a decent interview she may have a shot!



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