Sunday, June 17, 2007

Also Congrats to...

First Runner-up Erica Gelhaus, Miss Lake Festival

Second Runner-up Karissa Martin, Miss Scioto Valley

Third Runner-up Kasey Wilson

Fourth Runner-up Nanciann Strosnider

And the remaining Top 10...

Allie Krucek, Miss Clayland
Sophia Davis, Miss Miami Valley
Christie Youssef, Miss Portsmouth
Elyse Healey, Miss Greater Cleveland
Andrea Andryscik, Miss North Coast


  1. I love your blog! It's so informative and the quality of all the pictures is amazing. Kudos to your bf! Hope you'll do this again next year. Thanks, I loved checking your blog throughout pageant week!

  2. Thanks for the compliment. I enjoy taking pictures as a hobby and I think they turned out pretty well for balcony shots...


  3. Woohoo! Congrats Erica(&family), Melissa, Jerry and the entire Miss Lake Festival Committee!!! Isn't this the best finish ever at Miss Ohio for a MLF? I know that Amy Zimmerman was a 1st RU but I am pretty sure it was a few years later and she had another title. I am very happy for them and can definately see Erica doing very well at Miss America! ;)


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