Sunday, June 10, 2007

Miss Ohio Production Spoiler Alert!!!

The opening number will be the Dreamgirls theme song, for which all the ladies were provided with the fab gown Allison West is wearing on the left. The Swimsuit production number is to the song “These Boots Are Made for Walking;” the contestants supplied their own *tasteful* Daisy Duke outfits.

I am so excited that former Miss Marion Popcorn Festival and Miss Central Ohio, Emily Fitzpatrick will be one of the lead entertainers along with Melanie and Shana Teal! Emily was my roommate my third year and she is amazing! But she's changed her looks since the last time she was on the Miss Ohio stage, check out her short sassy new do on the right.


  1. Hmmm...wonder where they got the idea to use "These boots were made for walking"...a local, perhaps???

  2. Hm... I actually don't remember... which local?

  3. WC! That was their theme song. ;) Also, what in the world was Emily thinking when she chopped her hair? I really like her but ...uh, don't know about that doo!


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