Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Best Photos Always Come from the Contestants!

Scroll below for Miss Ohio week photos stolen from Facebook.

A few notes:

* If you didn't want it made public, you shouldn't have put it on Facebook. Google Amy Palumbo and get a clue! :)

* Do not judge anyone in the background who did not know they were being photographed.

* Click "view all images" to view them individually.

* I did the best I could to figure out what they were. IE: Parade, Meet-and-Greet, other events... Some may appear twice, as the contestants steal from each other. Becky's pictures are always first because of this crazy thing called the alphabet.

* If their makeup looks too heavy, it's probably because it was done for the stage and not a close up picture.

*** Most importantly - Do not judge these women for showing their personalities! I have had a horrible week and so help me Bill Gates, I will go blogger-ballistic if I read anything anywhere about them "not acting mature," "being poor representatives," etc... These are CANDIDS! They're meant to be fun and as I've said before, pageant contestants are not robots or Barbie dolls. I think the best photos in the bunch are the ones with funny faces, crossed eyes and tongues sticking out!

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