Friday, June 20, 2008

Miss Ohio Live Blog - Special Awards

Miss Ohio Hall of Fame
Newman Technology

With all due respect to sponsors - EVERYONE HATES WHEN THEY DO THIS!!! Why can't sponsor awards and speeches be given during the production when the ladies aren't standing on four inch heels, pins and needles!?

Americanism Essay Awards
2nd place - Jillian Dansko
1st place - Krystle Formosa

Community Service Essay Awards
2nd place - Jenna Wilson
1st place - Andrea Andryscik

Mina O'Guinn Memorial Award
Kasey Wilson

Connie Sengstock Memorial Award
Emily Cousino

Theresa Ann Wagner Committed to Excellence
Jessica Barrett
Victoria Miller
Heather Waterman

YaYa Sisterhood Awards
Heather Waterman

Miss America Community Service Award
Megan Wombacker

CMN Award
Kristy Moneysmith

Miss America Academic Award
Erica Gelhaus

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  1. Is the CMN award the one for the contestant who raises the most in the state?


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