Thursday, June 19, 2008

Miss Ohio Night Two Word on the Web!

Talent: Kasey Wilson
Swimsuit: Karissa Martin


I just got home from a very busy day at work to find most of the message board commentary from those watching the pageant online focused on bashing the production numbers and asking where the contestants were?!

Again, check out Laura's Blog for play-by-play, complete with wardrobe descriptions.


  1. Oh, c'mon... we did more than that! ;-)

    The production numbers were way better than they've been in the past, but there were too many Mark Schnitkey numbers and you hardly see the contestants. I heard they were told to bring 3 production outfits and they only needed 2 upon arrival - wasted money!

    Anyway, both the show and the girls are strong this year. This could get interesting.

  2. LOL - Sorry! :)

    I typed before reading everything that was written on the original message board. I hate when boards go down in the middle of a pageant- so annoying!

    I guess it's good to hear you say the production is better than past years... but from the comedic bashing, I'd never guess it!

    What was the recruiting thing about? The military? Ugh!


  3. No, it was actually contestant recruitment and was really well done--It's annoyed me for years that they don't recruit! But they said if you're interested in becoming a contestant, there was a form to fill out in the lobby and (emphasis placed by Mark), "Someone WILL contact you!"

    It's hard to type quickly and watch at the same time, but I think the crew that was watching while on voy really enjoyed themselves, but our notes probably come across as more curt because of the short timespan.


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