Friday, June 20, 2008

Miss Ohio Live Blog - Onstage Question

Krystal - Basic dark blue suit - Her answer seemed solid, but I was distracted by her hair which was tightly pulled back.

Sophia - White three-quarter length sleeve dress - She tripped on her words a bit but was very passionate. Great outfit!

Courtney - Basic yellow suit - Solid answer about scoliosis screening, but lacked vibrancy in her eyes.

Katie W. - Basic red suit, which looked a little too large - She gave a great answer about healthy life styles, well thought out.

Heather Wells - Yellow suit trimmed in black - She showed personality, but was not incredibly concise about youth fitness. She does Forensics, so I'm naturally tougher on her! ;)

Katie C. - Amazing little black dress - Answer about volunteerism included practice examples of what she's done. - Fantastic outfit!

Jessica - Red long sleeved velvet suit - I don't know what she just said about organ donation, but she's just so darn cute it doesn't matter.

Karissa - Basic teal suit with a print - Several filler words as she spoke about skin care awareness.

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