Friday, June 20, 2008

Miss Ohio Live Blog - Talent

Kristy - She sang the country number "Break it to me Gently." I'm sure people will say she was over-hyped, but having competed with her in singing contests, I can tell you she really can belt it out. She was good, but there were some nerves.

Brandi - She danced to "Man Wanted," she looked really cute, but my screen froze.

Alyssa - It was indeed the Faith Hill version of "There You'll Be." I was distracted trying to figure out if her gown was beaded animal print, or just multicolored beading- can't wait to see photos of it!

Andrea - There's a lot of buzz around Andrea, she won Swimsuit and has a solid Gown Presentation and speaking ability. Everyone has just been waiting to see how Talent went for her; it's not her best area of competition, but I think she pulled off "I Want More" the best I've ever heard it from her!

Jillian - She tapped to "Drums." I was pleasantly surprised to see a new outfit to a routine that she could probably do in her sleep. Great job, as always.

Nanciann - She was a Talent winner last year with "Happy Days Are Here Again," wearing the same gown and delivering the same stage routine, she's not fixing what's not broke...

Jenna - She's adding her country twist to the Dreamgirls number, "I Am Changing." This is a BIG song and I think she handled it well.

Emily - She sang "If I Can Dream." As always, she gave a very genuine performance; she always looks like she's having a great time on stage!
As for a winner... hmm... No one stood out that much more from the rest. I'm guessing Jillian, Nanciann or Jenna. Listing three isn't very confident, but with the distorted quality of the webcast and since the judges have picked opera so far, who knows what'll happen tonight...

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  1. I agree on Andrea.
    Also thought Jillian did well.
    And of course, Nanciann did well.


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