Friday, June 20, 2008

Miss Ohio Live Blog - Gowns

Krystal - It's difficult to make out the colors on the webcast, but I'm betting the champaign and burgundy is great live with her red hair.

Sophia - Also wearing a champaing colored gown, I like it much better than what she wore last year.

Courtney - The new gowns continue, she has a aqua, or light blue beaded number, I can't tell exactly.

Katie W. - In a dark blue flowy gown, she played with the layers of fabric a bit, but she could have "worked it" USA-style much more, like several women at Miss America did this year!

Heather W.- She's the only one in the flight to wear the gown she won her preliminary crown in, the beaded teal halter; I'm surprised, but with her confident walk, it doesn't matter.

Katie C. - Wow, I love her stunning red strapless gown - a great color for a brunette.

Jessica - This gown is a victim to the webcast, I can't tell if it's an iridescent purple or blue; it'll look better in pictures, I'm sure, unfortunately her movement looks rather restricted.

Karissa - Again, I can't tell if her silky strapless gown is navy or purple; personally, I thought her gown last year was a great color for her, but the judges clearly love her, so I'm sure she just scored well.

And now to click over and see if the message board dwellers agree with me... :)

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