Friday, June 13, 2008

Rumor has it...

That Miss Open City, Samantha Eggars, has relinquished her title.

If this is true, Open City is a troubled title! Samantha was originally the First Runner-up and accepted the title when the original winner stepped down. Other runners-up and award winners have all won other titles; they were:

First Runner-up: Samantha Eggers
Second Runner-up: Heather Wells (Miss Maple City)
Third Runner-up: Laura Pennington (competing in Miss Virginia)

Interview: Zephylia Khooblall (resigned)
Talent: Samanth Eggers

Swimsuit: Andrea Andryscik (sister title, Miss Greater Cleveland)
Evening Gown: Zephylia Khooblall (resigned)

Spirit Award: Amy Allen (Miss Southern Ohio)

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