Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Miss Ohio Night One Word on the Web!

Talent: Karissa Martin
Swimsuit: Andrea Andryscik

If these are true, I have two things to say -
congrats and damn, I'm good!

I just returned to my laptop and am not surprised by what I'm reading - that those were the winners and that the webcast was at cost and had technical issues. It's the same every year, there are always difficulties the first night.

Larry, I don't have your email anymore, so if you read this, please send me a note with the details, price, procedure, etc.. so I can share it with my readers! Thanks!


  1. Those are official; I watched the webcast!

  2. By the way, if you have any questions or want to know anything specific or my candid opinion, email me

    I watched all the webcast. Let's just say the cheesy production has continued...

  3. Thanks Laura!

    Ya know, if it didn't feel like a discount cruiseliner, people wouldn't think they were at a pageant. ;)



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