Friday, June 13, 2008


I am so sorry - this totally snuck up on me!

The ladies arrived in Mansfield yesterday (a day earlier than usual, as if the week isn't already long enough). This weekend is the festival and parade, with the Outstanding Teen Pageant and Miss interviews Tuesday and Miss Ohio prelims beginning Wednesday. Next Saturday a new Miss Ohio will be crowned!

The following detailed schedule was copied from Megan's blog:

Thursday, June 12 - Theater closed
2:00 pm - Contestants arrive at host homes
5:30 pm - Contestant reception with sponsors at Carousel

Friday, June 13 - Theater closed
5:00 pm - midnight - Miss Ohio Festival in downtown Mansfield
5:30-8 pm - Contestants at Festival with introductions and autograph signing

Saturday, June 14 - Theater closed
am - 5K Run at Mansfield Lahm Airport
9:00 am-1:00 pm - Contestant official check-in at Richland Mall
12 pm-12 am - Miss Ohio Festival in downtown

Sunday, June 15 - Theater closed
2:00 pm - Miss Ohio Parade
4:30 pm - Parents reception in Renaissance Rooms

Monday, June 16
9 am-3 pm - Theater open
5-7 pm - Contestant waitressing at Applebees

Tuesday, June 17
9 am -3 pm - Theater open
ALL DAY - Miss Contestant Interviews
4:30-6:00 pm- Miss Contestants dinner with family
7:00 pm - Miss Ohio Outstanding Teen Pageant

Wednesday, June 18
9:00 am - 3rd flight contestant interviews
10:00 am - 1st flight talent rehearsal
3:00 pm - theater closes
7:05 pm - Preshow (Hostess and Chaperone Intros)
7:30 pm - Prelim Night One

Thursday, June 19
10:00 am - 2nd flight talent rehearsal
11:45 am - Mansfield Optimist Luncheon with contestants at Holiday Inn (ticketed event)
3:00 pm - theater closes
7:05 pm - Preshow (Local directors intros with contestants and field directors)
7:30 pm - Prelim Night Two

Friday, June 20
10:00 am - 3rd flight talent rehearsal
3:00 pm - theater closes
7:05 pm - Preshow (state board intros and volunteer of the year)
7:30 p.m - Preliminary Night Three

Saturday, June 21
11:00am - Parents brunch at Westbrook (Ticketed Event)
7:30 pm - Preshow (Former Miss Ohio introductions)
8:00 pm - Finals with crowning of Miss Ohio 2008

After Pageant- Coronation Party at Mansfield Conference Center (Ticketed Event) - (all contestants will be introduced, Miss Ohio 2008. Then party will be setup with buffet and dj and dancing.)

Sunday, June 22 - Miss Ohio 2008 Meeting
2:00 pm - First public appearance at Richland Mall

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