Friday, June 20, 2008

Miss Ohio Live Blog - Swimsuit

Erica - Hot pink bikini lined in black - Wow, that was a quick walking pattern.

Kristen - One piece teal - Great mastery of the stairs!

Christie Y. - Yellow bikini - Very deliberate presentation.

Victoria - Teal bikini- Great spin but her bikini was very "off-the-rack."

Heather - Teal bikini shiny gold or maybe pink trim - Cute hair.

Amy - Black bikini lined in teal - Very confident!

Becky - Purple bikini - "Superstar" - that's my ringtone! - Great strut!

Megan - Dark blue bikini - Sassy.

Shannon - Teal bikini - Striking facial beauty.

Kasey - Black bikini - winner, in my opinion!

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