Saturday, June 14, 2008

Call for Informants!

I need some Miss Ohio insiders this year!

Help me help you by sending me your photos, info and links!

I’m not looking for your Top 10 picks or a diatribe about why your girl’s the best… Rather, I’d love event descriptions… Did it rain on the parade or was it scorching hot? Did anyone ride on a unique car? Was there anything new, different, exciting or bizarre about the festival, celebrity waitressing, luncheons, etc…? Who are roommates? What’s the set like this year? Who’s performing? What’s your favorite production number? What’s the Swimsuit walk like? What sort of Interview suits did the contestants go with? Who has a new gown, talent, hair color…

You get the idea - be informative, relatively unbiased and positive.

Your level of anonymity is completely up to you… Be my official reporter for the week and I’ll publish whatever you write for me (after my approval and possible editing, of course!) or I could paraphrase your information, either crediting your real name, something anonymous and general like “E.D,” “Parent,” “Former,” etc., a witty handle of your choosing OR complete anonymity with “unnamed informant.” It’s up to you! Just clearly state what you want your byline to be.

What people really love are the pictures - flattering candids, events, behind the scenes and “gowns and crowns” shots!

I know many E.D.s and parents log on to this blog from Mansfield, while many others who can’t attend use it as their connection to Miss Ohio. Please help me out by sharing Miss Ohio 2008 with those of us who can’t be there! Email me!

[Disclaimer: I reserve full editorial rights. I will not publish negative information, unflattering photos, etc. Nor will I allow certain contestants to become the focus of the coverage, which means I need help from a variety of sources to bring photos and coverage of all the ladies.]


  1. Thank You so much for doing this!
    I can't possibly leave all my 80 plus wildlife babies and go to Mansfield at this time of year! Also back and forth to my 89 year old Dad's since my Mom's passing.
    I appreciate your efforts---- especially since four of my ladies are contestants!
    Nancy Mabrey
    (Hardin County)
    Former MWCO Recruiter/Coach

  2. Don't thank me... thank the yet-to-be determined correspondents! LOL! I've had no responses but hopefully I'll get some soon.



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