Thursday, June 26, 2008

Congrats to the newly engaged!

Miss Ohio 2007 Roberta Camp and '07 and '08 Top 5 Finalist Kasey Wilson both look great with crowns on their heads, but now they have bling on their fingers too!

As a commenter pointed out, Courtney Kania also got engaged, shortly before Miss Ohio. (Lucky her, she stole Jim Carey away from Jenny McCarthy!)


  1. Harpist Courtney Kania is also newly engaged!

    Congrats to All of these Ladies!

  2. It's about time these two kids made it official. So did he actually leave her on the market for a week, or did he pop the question as soon as the crown changed heads?

    Congratulations Roberta! Actually I guess the one I should be congratulating is her boyfriend, she's not one you want to let get away.

  3. BTW, isn't Kasey an '08 Top 5 finalist too?

  4. Thanks for catching that Todd, I guess I'm still refusing to believe it's 2008 going on 2009!!! LOL!


  5. It would help if the 2008 Miss Ohio would be competing for Miss America 2008, that's what always gets me.


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