Monday, January 21, 2008

Miss America 2008 Roommates

This information was found on an unofficial message board,
but I trust its accuracy:

Mu Group
Kylie Williams, Florida and Hannah Kiefer, Virginia
Caleche Manos, Nevada and Dana Daunis, Connecticut
Jennifer Hudspeth, Minnesota and Amy Polumbo, New Jersey
Nicole Turner, Arizona and Rachel Brooks, Pennslyvania
Rachel Cole, Vermont and Shana Powell, Maryland
Kirsten Haglund, Michigan and Shayna Rudd, District of Columbia
Kimberly Morgan, Mississippi and Elyse Umemoto, Washington
Amanda Joseph, Louisiana and Jill Stevens, Utah
Kaitlynne Postel, Kentucky and Ashley Bauer, Nebraska

Alpha Group
Cari Leyva, Alaska and Brittany Dempsey, Delaware
Janeisha John, Virgin Islands and Kate Wismer, South Dakota
Summer Wyatt, West Virginia and Tara Allain, Maine
Lindsay Casmaer, Missouri and Molly Hazlett, Texas
Ashley Young, North Dakota and Roberta Camp, Ohio
Jennifer Marlowe, New Mexico and Leah Massee, Georgia
Elisabeth Baldanza, New York and Crystal Garrett, South Carolina
Christina Thompson, Wisconsin and Diana Reed, Iowa

Sigma Group
Jamie Langley, Alabama and Nicole Rash, Indiana
Grace Gore, Tennessee and Ashley Layfield, Hawaii
Rachel Barker, New Hampshire and Jessica Jacobs, North Carolina
Ashley Hatfield, Illinois and Katie Bailey, Arkansas
Valerie Amaral, Massachusetts and Kari Virding, Oregon
Jennifer McCafferty, Wyoming and Maggie Ireland, Colorado
Melissa Chaty, California and Alyssa George, Kansas
Makenna Smith, Oklahoma and Kristen Mantooth, Montana
Ashley Bickford, Rhode Island and Sadie Quigley, Idaho

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