Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Miss America Preliminary Night One Onstage Questions

Okay local and state contestants, open a Word doc and copy, paste and save the following! While some seem more Platform specific than others, I think they are all general enough that every contestant should give their topics some thought.

Florida—What can Americans do now to reduce post traumatic stress disorder later for returning veterans?

Nevada—How do you convey the problem of drinking and driving when celebrities frequently drink and drive, often without suffering consequences.

Minnesota—What challenges do you face in getting people to understand autism?

Arizona—How can you expect the TDWC program to register with teens who are reckless?

Vermont—What do you tell single parents working two jobs and don't have time to read to their children?

Pennsylvania—How can autism insurance legislation affect families of autism?

Michigan—How do you education teens about eating disorders when they are likely to avoind and ignore their parents?

Mississippi—How can after school music programs impact students?

Washington—How do you convince someone to accept diversity when a job they applied for went to a lesser qualified minority?

Connecticut—What do parents need to do to make sure they are not neglecting their kids?

New Jersey—What can we do to protect our online identity and information?

Virginia—How do you discuss making good decisions with kids when their celebrity role models often suffer little for their bad decisions?

Indiana—How can the arts help under privileged kids improve their communication skills?

Utah—What can we do today to be prepared for a disaster tomorrow?

District of Columbia—How do you inspire children in urban areas?

Maryland—What can be done to bring arts education to kids when programs often lack funding?

Kentucky—How old does a child need to be to start building their confidence and what can we do to help?

This was posted on The Longview Organization's blog (a Miss Texas Local), along with descriptions of last nights Evening Gowns and Talent presentations. How amazing!

CLICK HERE to check it out.

I am so impressed that Miss Texas, Molly Hazlett's supporters are sharing this valuable information; I hope they maintain their blog throughout the competition.

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