Saturday, January 26, 2008

Miss America LIVE BLOG: Onstage Questions

Wisconsin- Wisconsin did wonderful, way to be first!

Michigan- Wow! Mature for her age! Love the line about respect.

Virginia- Very good- yes celebs should and can voice their opinions.

Washington- Great answer- love how she referenced Rock the Vote.

California- Very appropriate that she took the Paris Hilton question.

Texas- Also very good. Wow, they're all impressive.

North Carolina- Hhmm.. She took a broad question and kind of rambled.

Indiana- Wow! Perhaps the toughest question. Good for her for taking a solid stand.

I actually like the way they did that- having the ladies raise their hand to pick the question they want to answer. It seemed to produce better answers because they didn't have time to think and dwell and give their canned answers.

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