Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Robin Meade: Reporting from Vegas with the Inside Scoop

I have an inside scoop for you… how do you feel about old people on the miss america stage? Because that’s what you are going to see. Now, before you get visions of granny in a two-piece workin’ it on stage… let me explain: the parents of the finalists will be placed on stage where the cameras will get their every expression as their daughter does well or falls flat on her face. Don’t laugh! I’ve seen it happen. Can you imagine?

At the moment, I’m sitting here in the judges’ holding chamber before we go out and judge the first night of preliminary competitions. I’ve been slightly distracted by all the big news stories today including the death of Heath Ledger. What a shame. I’m hoping he wasn’t a personal friend of any of the judges– a few of them have hollywood backgrounds. I haven’t heard any of them say they personally knew him.

As far as judging, I’m getting a reputation as the handslapper when a judge is late or is out of line. Between you and me, I’m concerned about these late West Coast hours and staying sharp thru this process. So far, I have my eye on a few contestants who have impressed me in interviews. But right now, it’s showtime here in pageantland. I hope your state rep does well tonight!

I love hearing the judges perspective and getting the inside scoop! How interesting that the contestants parents might know before their daughter if she is a finalist, depending on how the logistics are handled. I've also heard it rumored that if a woman is in the finals media representatives and photographers from her state are given preferential seating... I don't know if there's any merit to that, but if I were there on Saturday night, as a contestant or audience member, I'd be looking to see where my state press rep was!

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