Wednesday, January 30, 2008

LIVE BLOG: "Crowned" Swimsuit Competition

So the ladies left are Jenileigh and Moya the “Daredevil Divas, Jenaleigh being a former Miss Wyoming. I like these two and would be happy if they win. Although the judges say they won’t win based on their personal tragedies and financial need, if they do win, I’m sure many will think it’s based on sympathy.

I also like the "Gifted Dolls," Melinda and Rachelle, but I doubt they’ll win because they lack confidence. Also, their relationship has its rough moments; Rachelle disrespects her mom at times.

I can not stand the "Sincere Sexy Reds," Patty and Laura. They’ve made comments about being beautiful on the inside and out- they are neither.

Finally Gina and Hollis, the “Dream Gals” have no pageant experience, but have done very well in the show. I like them and think they also have a great chance to win.


Who is Mark Wagener (the host)? He looks like a soap star, perhaps.

Wow- we’re already in the swimsuit competition and there hasn’t even been a commercial!

Thoughts on the Swimsuit Competition:

Sincere, Sexy Reds- Great color on them, but they’re just such bitches! I agree with Cynthia, the mom wasn’t mom-like enough.

Daredevils- I disagree with the judges, Jeniliegh seemed to overshadow her mom and she was very stiff, and Miss America “old school style.”

Dream Gals- They’re just so cute! It’s hard to believe Hollis has no pageant experience.

Gifted Dolls- Wow, Rachelle is amazing, but I agree with the judges, Mindy still lacks confidence and their suits weren’t coordinated.

I think the Swimsuit winners are clearly the Dream Gals. Loren thinks it the Daredevils.

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