Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Robin Meade: Reporting from Vegas on Mr. America and Bob

There he is, Mr. America. Barack Obama might want to bank on that young vote. Because if the Miss America contestants are anywhere near representative of the rest of their age group… they think obama has it goin’ on.


During the private interviews we did with the contestants today… whenever the subject of presidential candidates came up… it seemed like a majority indicated Obama was getting their attention.

Another observation, superficial as it may be: the young’uns love the posh spice hair cut. Actually the not-as-young’uns do, too. Do you know the haircut I’m describing? The angled from the back, longer in the front… slightly longer on one side bob. It must be this year’s version of “The Aniston” from the 90’s. I see it everywhere, including on a number of titleholders here. I think Bob oughta give it a try. (Just kidding, Bob. he gets his curmudgeon look going when you tease him.)

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I love how she's delivering information that is interesting to both her CNN readers and pageant fans! It seems she noticed the styling given to several of the ladies on TLC's Miss America: Reality Check. Check out the bob she writes of on Miss California, Melissa Chaty. [Photo on the left from the contestant's runway show in Vegas; copied from her state website.
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