Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Drunk at 10 a.m.

Many of you may judge me for this- but that’s okay because it’s an important message.

As you know, I’m on Toledo’s most popular radio show on Wednesday mornings. This morning one of the other personalities, Steve, was drinking live on air under the supervision of a local police officer to show the effects of drinking. This was because 50% of Toledo’s recent auto fatalities have been alcohol related; well over the national average of 41%.

Half way through the show I joined in Steve.

In an hour I had 3 mimosa’s (orange juice and champagne; actually it has a different name because there was also peach schnapps, but I don’t recall the name). The officer had a field sobriety test and the point is that I “blew” slightly above the legal limit. In four hours Steve had 18 drinks and was clearly drunk, but I served as the perfect example of someone who had a few drink and SHOULD NOT DRIVE. I was a SADD officer in high school and would NEVER drive in this instance. Frankly, my head is spinning and I’m DRUNK! BUT many people think that after a few drinks they can still drive.

NO- YOU CAN’T. At one point I blew a 0.1 and at another point I blew a 0.78 and failed an eye gaze test. Legally drunk is 0.8.

The officer drove me home and my car is still downtown at the radio station. We had a lot of fun on the radio this morning and as I already knew, I love mimosa’s. But hopefully our listeners got the point. Even if you think you’re fine, after two or three drinks you should NOT drive!

Really by the show's end I had like four and a half, so now, I’m going to sleep!!!

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