Saturday, January 26, 2008

Spoiler Alert Spoiled!

You may recall, a few weeks ago when the synopsis and pictures of Miss America: Reality Check were revealed many thought this photo gave away the winners.

We now know this was certainly a sneak peak, but not a spoiler. The three women in the front are women called to the “Top 10,” but none are the winners. My question is, where’s Indiana in this picture? The three women here are standing in the order they were called- second, third and fourth. So Miss Indiana, the first to be called should be on the far right, but I don’t see her, do you?

On another interesting note, it was noticed that the winners were called in an order that spells WIN- Washington, Indiana and New Mexico! Coincidence? Who knows!

Check out the next post for my play-by-play of the final episode. What I didn't mention below is that while I am extremely happy with the reality show's winners, it's frustrating that seemingly no effort was made to give the contestants equal air time. Did Roberta ever say anything on the show? I know many states have the same complaint.


  1. Abby,

    Roberta said something about the new Miss America on the last episode which was put in the very begining. She had some shots here and there, but never really any spotlight. Either its just the editing, she wasn't really taped, or she just didn't stand out.

    I think the three girls who won were so deserving. It's funny how you can recognize that all the girls were truly rooting for them. This is something all people should pay attention to. After competing so many times there's always that person who you are really happy about winning and others displeased. This should really be looked upon as evidence if those contestants are gonna really make something of themselves as the title holder. Who's gonna take the fame or who's gonna take the title and do something with it for others.

    I was shocked with Miss Minnesota being picked in the top. She was never shown but this might have been something that we as audience members were unable to see that the judges could.


  2. My new fav, besides Berta, is Miss Indiana! WOW...what an awesome personality/attitude! SO modern and classy!
    P.S. My early pics were Miss SC and Miss VA, but I think they may be "Jennifer Berry clones". I think that Miss IN personifies all aspects of the new Miss America. We shall see in about 2 hrs! ;)

  3. The only time I heard Roberta speak in the four episode run was at the very beginning of episode 4, which was mentioned. She did seem to have a knack for getting into a lot of camera shots behind someone else though, even in the pageant after she was eliminated. Maybe it was just because I was looking for her, but I saw her a lot towards the end of episode 1.


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