Friday, January 25, 2008

LIVE BLOG: Miss America: Reality Check

Okay, so the other reason I hadn’t blogged about Reality Check is because Loren has watched them with me, and he likes to cuddle up with me when we watch TV, not me and my laptop! So I told myself I’d rewatch them and write nice posts… but that obviously hasn’t happened.

For this final episode I’m going to “live blog” as I watch it… so keep refreshing!


Miss Iowa: "I'm the only baton twirler; I plan to bring the house down!" And she most certainly did! That's the kind of confidence you have to have!

[The ladies have to play "Don't Forget the Lyrics" with patriotic songs.] Haha! As a non-dancer who hates opening numbers, I LOVE that the non-singers finally have to make fools of themselves!

Michael Urie must not have read the contract- NO DISROBING. [He went superman style to reveal a conductors tux] I really hope to hear Roberta sing; when I read the synopsis I thought this could be the "challenge" she'd shine in.

Sorry, but I don't think the women should be expected to know a religious song. RE: Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory of the Coming of the Lord.


Ouch! Miss Alaska is rough for a singer, but wow New Jersey.

Ooops- Miss Indiana, you should never name names. [She said the ladies were annoyed by Miss Maryland showing off.] But I wonder if the ladies were really rolling their eyes at the singers who were showing their voices, or was that editing? Unfortunately Roberta wasn't featured.

I love the after hours bunk talk- the contestants hit it on the head- they're competing to ultimately benefit others, but a makeover is needed so people want to pay attention to them.

[Now the ladies are working with stylists to select red carpet dresses.]

Miss Virginia and Illinois have been warned they're too similar; I love how they're having fun with it and not becoming enemies.

GREAT TIP- I always try to keep this in mind- never take a photograph with your arms pressed against you- it'll look fat even if you're not.

I understand the ladies confusion about how much makeup to wear for the red carpet. It's hard to learn to tone it down when you're used to looking a certain way and when you want to make sure you look amazing at a major event.

[Now the ladies are answering questions on a fake red carpet.]

Virginia and Illinois sounded like they were in a pageant interview instead of on a red carpet. :( Tennessee however ROCKED IT! And Miss Rhode Island reminded us that you should always know who you're wearing.

I love that Miss New Mexico is wearing a hat on the red carpet- I've never noticed before, but she looks like Ashley Simpson.

Wow, Miss DC does look amazing, but she sounded to "pageant polished" for a red carpet. And Miss Michigan- always fabulous!

I knew I loved Miss Washington! She shares my views on gay marriage too. [Her dad is gay, so obviously she supports equal gay rights.]

Where is Roberta?!?!?! :(

[And now the ladies are speculating who will be in the Top 3]

Their guesses:
Virginia or Illinois, Utah...
Rhode Island, Washington, South Carolina, Indiana, Virginia, Michigan...
Tennessee, Virginia and Illinois, Rhode Island...

[And now the judges are deliberating.]

They were disappointed with Rhode Island's red carpet interview.
They LOVE Michigan, Florida and for some reason that I don't understand, they still like Alaska.
Props were given to Virginia and Illinois for conferring and wearing different colors; one judge thought Illinois answers better.
They love Indiana, but feel Utah is staying too safe.
New Mexico and DC also stood out to the judges and they love that Washington has listened to them.

[I'm eagerly fast forwarding through the last commercial!]

The "Top 10"

Indiana * South Carolina * Illinois * Virginia * New Mexico * Florida * Alaska * Washington * DC * Minnesota

Hhmm.. Minnesota came out of no where, and Michigan and Rhode Island were surprisingly not called.

The following "Top 3" win a $10,000 scholarship and shopping spree!

* Washington (YES!!!)
* Indiana (right now Loren says the final is Florida... I say VA or IL)
* New Mexico! We were both wrong!

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