Thursday, January 24, 2008

Miss America Preliminary Night Three Early Returns

Swimsuit Buzz
Texas and Georgia

(No one has commented, good or bad, on Roberta's Swimsuit presentation.)

Talent Buzz
Florida, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Washington, Virginia AND Michigan

It must be a very competitive group!

Gown Buzz

I'm in a live chat room with people getting texts from Miss America, and as they were giving gown feedback someone wrote,
"No, now Ohio is the most amazing!"


  1. How can I get to the live chat room? I am dying to know more!

    Glad to hear Elyse Ummemoto - Miss WA - is in the "talent buzz". I was her 2nd runner up. She is fabulous!

  2. Hey, Sorry I didn't see your comment sooner. :(

    The live chat was at this address:

    You enter by making up any username and password. They'll be chatting again Saturday night during the pageant. It's run my "meemaw" of the Pageant Central message board ( They also chat every Monday night, but this was the first time I've logged on.

    It's awesome to hear that someone's runner up supports them! As I've mentioned her on my blog, I really like what I've seen of Elyse in videos and pictures. I hope to see her in the Top 5 Saturday!



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