Saturday, January 26, 2008

Miss America LIVE BLOG: Intros

Love Kansas' intro... and that they're in their Reality Check groupings.

Wow, some of these ladies practiced their tongue twisters; very impressive. Mom noticed how great it is that they're letting them say so much.

Roberta was funny and BEAUTIFUL. "From the only state with a nut you can't eat...." My mom's still laughing!

LOL! And Miss North Dakota just cracked me up!

Wow, Indiana can work it! She just reminded me of Amanda, 1st RU at Ohio USA.

Again- I LOVE Miss Washington- and her apple!

South Carolina is so beautiful, but in my opinion, she's the old style.

I'm glad I noticed Wisconsin from her photos- she is lovely in person.

Sorry folks, I just don't see a three-peat for the Okies.

"A southern accent and a college degree" -Miss Georgia is funny, but that had to offended many!

Pennsylvania and Utah also cracked me up! "Where every resident knows their state flag, except me" and "highest birth rate as long as the Osmound's don't move!"

That was a GREAT opening! You actually got to know the women.

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