Saturday, January 26, 2008

We are so sick of seeing the same commercials over and over and over... My dad wants a dollar for ever Tostito's commercial.

And my mom cracks me up - the Herbal Essence commercial just aired and she said, "Why do they need to show something for long hair since they just cut it all off!" RE: The Reality Check makeovers.


  1. Abby -- I love this blog!! I am a few minutes delayed as I DVR'ed this and am watching the commercial break now and laughing at your parents' comments. THANKS for this running commentary it is so entertaining!

  2. I find it highly amusing that, after having watched 4 reality shows and the pageant, and seeing the same Tostito commercial somewhere around 100 times, you still managed to spell "Tostito" wrong in your blog.

    Maybe they should have run it a couple more times? ;^)

  3. Oh good grief! I did expect this but it still got under my skin a bit! lol!

    I am a horrid speller, always have been. I am always hesitant to “live blog” for that fact. Everything I write- emails, Facebook messages, blog entries- are all first written in a Word doc. However, during Miss America last night I did not have time to do that. I honestly expected someone to blast me for misspelling a state name!

    As for “maybe they should have played it again” – my eyes were on my computer screen frivolously typing thought ever single commercial break!

    As always, I do appreciate that you brought it to my attention; I do want to know so I can correct things. I’ve already fixed a few mistakes, but my day has been spent visiting with my parents.


  4. Sorry, didn't mean for you to lose any sleep over the Tostitos comment, just thought it was funny particularly because my mom and I commented on how many times that same commercial played. We watched all the reality shows and the pageant back-to-back, so we were quite annoyed with it as well.

    I actually really appreciate all you do here, if it weren't for your blog I'd have no idea what Roberta was up to since she became miss Ohio, and I doubt I would have found out about her send-off party. I was kind of disappointed you didn't make it there, because I am originally from Toledo and worked in your neighborhood for about 6 years. I certainly would have introduced myself to you since I knew absolutely noone else there besides Roberta.


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