Thursday, January 24, 2008

Robin Meade: Reporting from Vegas on being a Big Jerk!

I feel like the biggest jerk because of some of these “judges rules.”

If you and I happen to run into each other in a casino here in Vegas this week… pay no attention if I blow you off and keep walking.

Any other week, I’ll chat any viewer up and make you miss your appointments.

You’d be like… dang doesn’t that girl have friends?

But while I’m judging, I have to steer clear of folks I know… or viewers who I want to know.

Why, you ask?

Think about it.

Any little blink, smile, nod, wink, handshake, or otherwise breathing in someone’s general direction could be interpreted as giving any certain contestant an unfair advantage. Like it’s a secret signal saying, “Hey, I like your lady.”

Just today, I was with the CNN crew shooting a story about what goes on behind-the-scenes and someone I knew from a state pageant saw me…. stood and watched us work for a second until he caught my eye. I snapped, “I can’t talk to you. I can’t be around you.” His expression was like, “Fine, fine.”

And then the other night, another person I recognized yelled my name from the stage simply to wave “hi” at me, but I had to act like I couldn’t see who it was simply because other people were watching.

So I’ve been keeping my eyes down and my stride quick when outside the judging arena… and my face forward toward the stage when it’s showtime.

So while I look like I should have the title of miss behavin’… I’m really just miss understood.

Hardee har har!

Copied from Robin's Blog. I always hate when you hear that celebrities, athletes, or even pageant contestants "aren't nice" from someone who met them once in passing. In my mere year as the Face of FOX Toledo I came to know the good, bad and annoying sides of being a public figure. Robin's sharing one of many examples of why people in the public eye can't always be your best friend... or even flash their million dollar smiles.

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