Monday, January 21, 2008

Videos from Vegas

Like many, I am a huge fan of Miss Washington, Elyse Umemoto… we’re Facebook friends and everything. ;) If she has an ounce of talent I think she’ll be a major contender at Miss America, because she manages to be charismatic and beautiful without falling into the usual pageant stereotypes. It probably helps that, like me, she’s a blogger and uploads tons of pictures to Facebook.

She has her supporters well trained because they have already uploaded several videos from Las Vegas to the
Miss Washington website, including the one above. They’re low quality, but anything is better than the usual nothing we see from Miss America week! I couldn’t figure out which beauty was Roberta in video above, but maybe you can…

Fans of Miss Louisiana have also shared some photos, including the one on the left featuring our Miss, Roberta. [Click to enlarge.] FYI, Berta's roommate is Miss North Dakota, Ashley Young; scroll below for a list of all the roommates.

If any Ohioans in Vegas are reading this, my email is in the sidebar, and you know everyone would love you for an update or photo!

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