Saturday, January 26, 2008

Miss America LIVE BLOG: The Top 16!

#1. Michigan (Prelim Swimsuit winner) -No surprise!

#2. Iowa (Prelim Talent winner)
- I have a feeling she'll be the only Talent winner

#3. North Carolina

#4. Tennesse - She's a stunner, no doubt

#5. California - Like many, I have a feeling she'll take it tonight!

#6. Indiana (Top 3 on Reality Check)

#7. South Carolina (Top 10 on Reality Check)

#8. Georgia - I have to admit, she was not on my radar.

#9. Washington (Top 3 on Reality Check) - YESSSS!!!!

#10. Arkansas

#11. Virginia (Top 10 on Reality Check) - Love her!

#12. Texas (Prelim Swimsuit winner)

#13. Wisconsin -Ha! I knew it!

#14. Florida (Top 10 on Reality Check)

#15. Mississippi

AMERICA's PICK: Utah (As many assumed.)

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