Wednesday, January 30, 2008

LIVE BLOG: "Crowned" Gown Competition

Sincere Sexy Reds- I’m just going to hold my tongue about them.

Daredevil Divas- Wow! Perfect! Jeniliegh’s makeup is too much, but their gowns were great on them. (Miss America Jennifer Berry was photographed in the gown Moya's wearing and Caitlin, the Outstanding Teen had a similar style on at Miss America this weekend, so Carson is wrong, in terms of it being outdated.)

Dream Gals- I don’t like the green color on Hollis, nor do the two gown colors compliment each other.

Gifted Dolls- I think their styling fits into the mother-daughter rolls well.

Loren thinks the Dream Gals will win, and I think he might be right, but my pick would be Daredevil Divas.

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