Saturday, January 26, 2008

It's like we're watching a football game; my mom is yelling at the TV!

How awful that they cut someone in the middle- especially the one everyone wanted to see! At least they planned it before a commercial break so they could let Iowa twirl a bit.

[A pregnancy test commercial just aired] "Now why are we seeing this during Miss America?" LOL! Too funny, mom.

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  1. HI Abby,

    I have watched and re-watched already and I didn't like the cut during the talent.... That's has to be an awful feeling in the gut, sitting there waiting and wondering if you get to perform or if you are all dressed up and not able to continue.... How can you prepare for that.... mentally and emotionally.... there is too much riding on this too treat it so nonchalantly like no big deal if you get cut.... I felt really bad for North Carolina who was the last to perform..... she had to go out there and do her talent after just finding out if she was being eliminated.... that's too disturbing.... she did great under pressure.... there is so much emotion that is involved in being Miss America and this part is like a check off list. check your in or check your out....



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